About Georgia Farm Bureau

The Georgia Farm Bureau Federation is Georgia's largest and strongest voluntary agricultural organization with nearly 265,000 member families. It is an independent, non-governmental organization. The membership is mainly composed of farm families in rural communities and of people who want Georgia to be agriculturally successful, progressive and prosperous.

Formed in 1937 by 50 farmers, Georgia Farm Bureau continues to have a strong grassroots network with 158 county Farm Bureau organizations. Since its inception, the primary, ongoing goal of Farm Bureau is to be a united voice in the legislative arena, to promote farm markets and to provide leadership to Georgia's agricultural community. Farm Bureau is local, state, national and international in scope and influence.


Georgia Farm Bureau Home Office

Our Purpose

The purpose of Georgia Farm Bureau, as the largest farm organization in Georgia, is to provide leadership and assistance to the agricultural sector, to promote farm products, to aid in ag-related procurement, to be a spokesman for the farmer in the legislative arena, to be a leader in the development and expansion of farm markets, to strive for more agricultural research and educational funds and facilities - in essence - to use the Georgia Farm Bureau organization and its facilities as the vehicle with which to assist in providing farm families a fair and equitable standard of living and to ensure the existence of agriculture as a vital and thriving industry in the future.

A member of a county Farm Bureau automatically becomes a member of the Georgia Farm Bureau Federation and the American Farm Bureau Federation. Our grassroots Policy Development process and county programs assure the members of constant contact and input into the programs and activities of Georgia Farm Bureau.

What do we mean by "grassroots"?

To understand Farm Bureau, it is important to start at the local rather than the state level. It is in the individual county Farm Bureaus that programs are developed to meet the needs of farm families. Farm Bureau relies on its member families for strength and direction. Hundreds of volunteer leaders serve on county Farm Bureau boards and committees. From social outings and educational workshops to political action and community forums, Farm Bureau offers programs and services for the entire family.

Just as members form county Farm Bureaus, county Farm Bureaus are the basis for state Farm Bureaus. Once county Farm Bureaus set policies, they select voting delegates to voice their beliefs at the state Farm Bureau annual meeting. These delegates determine which policies submitted by the county Farm Bureaus, and in some cases by commodity committees, will provide the direction for Georgia Farm Bureau.

After Georgia Farm Bureau adopts its policies, it names delegates to represent it at the American Farm Bureau annual meeting. Policies adopted by voting delegates from all 50 states govern the national Farm Bureau. These policies deal with many issues - use of natural resources, taxation, property rights, services to the farm community, trade, food safety and quality, and a host of topics that affect rural America.  Therefore the members - the "grassroots" - determine the future of their organization. And membership is not limited to farmers. Any family interested in agriculture or in participating in one of Farm Bureau's many member services may join. If you're interested in membership, contact your local county Farm Bureau office. There is one in each county in Georgia.

Officers and Board

Putting Farm Bureau policies into action are the Officers and Board of Directors of the Georgia Farm Bureau Federation. The president, three vice presidents and 22 members of the board of directors, each of them an active farmer, are elected by the voting delegates at the annual meeting held each December at Jekyll Island, Georgia. For more on the GFB Officers and Board, click here.

The president is a full-time executive farmer who directs the day-to-day operations of the Macon-based organization and speaks as the official voice of the Georgia Farm Bureau Federation. The board of directors is comprised of 25 farmers: two members elected from each of our 10 districts for two-year terms, and three elected Vice Presidents who serve three-year terms. Also serving on the Board are the chairs of the State Women's Committee and Young Farmer and Rancher Committee.

Farm Bureau is dedicated to promoting and improving agriculture in our counties, state and nation and in continually improving and expanding our service-to-member programs which serve to enhance the quality of life for all Georgians.



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